Your Liver Talks Back


The  Language of your liver:

Converting Liver-ese to English.


Your liver has a one-track mind, and only says one thing: “I-Don’t-Like-That!” But, it says it, 18 different ways.

The #1 way the liver communicates with us is by altering our emotions.

Suddenly, things that were right are wrong. Tiny problems are huge. Patience is out the window, and you want to explode, or already have.

Somehow, at a time like this, you are supposed to understand that, that burning feeling, is just your liver saying, “I do not like French Fries!”

Other liver symptoms not to be ignored include; skin or eye irritation, headaches, bad moods or mood swings, low energy, fatigue, foggy thinking, a sore or stiff right shoulder, fuzzy vision, congestion of the nose, sinuses or chest, slow reaction time, mental or emotional stress, insomnia, restless sleep and hot flashes. These symptoms ARE your liver’s cries for help.



What  Liver Symptoms Do You Have?


1) Right shoulder stiffness, tightness or soreness?

2) Irritable or stressed?

3) Fuzzy or foggy vision?

4) Headaches?

5) Poor concentration or focus?

6) Itchy, irritated, red or dry eyes?

7) Insomnia, restless or rough sleep?

8) Fed up with people or have little patience with them?

9) Liver problems or hot flashes?

10) Dry, bad, itchy, burning or irritated skin?

11) A constant itch that never goes away?

12) Muddled or muddy thinking?

13) Overwhelming moods or emotions?

14) Wound up and ready to explode?

15) Gallbladder flare ups or issues?

16) Use or crave alcohol or spirits?

17) Nose, sinus or chest congestion?

18) Acne, boils, rashes or breakouts?

19) Bothered by answering this question?


Count your YES answers and see below.


0-2     Excellent, keep up the good work!

3-6     Help is recommended.

7+      Serious problem, needs to  be resolved.


The  mechanisms of emotions and the role your liver  plays in intensifying them.


Emotions are not random. When you watched as someone exploded with remarkable intensity, over a slight thing, there was a physical factor involved.  making it worse, your liver.

The Chinese noted 4000 years ago, that emotions go as your liver goes.  When the liver is hot, so are your emotions. When the liver is unstressed and cool, you are calm and relaxed. Altered or hot emotions, is the liver’s attempt to alert you that it needs help.

Think of your liver as an oven. If it is cool, your emotions are even and regular. The hotter the liver gets, the more intense your emotions become.

Dyes, preservatives, chemical additives, resins etc., are all explosive fuel for your liver. Enough contact with them will cause your liver to heat. That kind of fuel can keep your liver red hot for hours or days.

When your liver is that hot, a small issue can seem like an invasion from Mars!



Liver  Facts
  • Weighs about 1 pound.
  • Carries out 1000s of functions per day.
  • Effects the emotions.
  • Cleanses the blood.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar.
  • Metabolizes fats.
  • Synthesizes vitamin A.
  • Breaks down toxic substances.
  • Stores iron for the body.
  • Stores glycogen (converted glucose).
  • Metabolizes carbohydrates.
  • Metabolizes proteins.




Please see our Whole Body Detox Kit for a deep cleanse which strengthens your immune system, cleanses your liver, gallbladder, detoxifies Candida, and helps balance kidneys, the blood, hormones and emotions.  Also, assists with puffiness, swelling and weight loss.

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